Tree of Good & Evil



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Atlanta native Raven is a waif of a girl, slender bones that protrude sharply against her pale skin and her long black hair is as glossy as the bird’s ebony feathers, the very tips dipped in red. She naively thought she was in love with Roman, only it turned out to be one-sided. She becomes the first commodity in Roman’s new business venture of human trafficking.

Birmingham teenager Eden Grace sings in the church choir, tutors friends in French, content to be sheltered by parents who preach Godliness over worldliness. Her corporate-ladder climbing father spends his days in bed, depressed from seven months of unemployment while her mother struggles to feed the family, her homemade bread and perfectly iced cupcakes delivered to the local coffee shop keeping foreclosure one payment away. When Eden Grace secretly applies for a job as an after-school nanny with Roman’s number two man Hector, she’s too naive to know the job is a ploy to lure high school girls into a house of sin. And so just that easily, with a knock on a door, she gets caught in the devil’s web.

Kiki is the last to arrive, a gorgeous girl with skin the color of burnt caramel and hair that is an amazing cacophony of kinky curls. Drugged at a party in her hometown of Nashville, she is transported across state lines to join her sisters-in-misfortune. Wiser than the other girls to the ugliness of the world, it is her fighting spirit that keeps them from losing all hope.

Set in Birmingham, Alabama, a city along with Nashville and Atlanta that make up the human trafficking triangle in the south, Tree of Good and Evil is an emotional story of innocence lost and courage found. Reminiscent of the classic Uncle Tom’s Cabin, it is also an important story as there are 300,000 victims of human trafficking within the United States.