Book Club: Wilsonville, AL

In the past I’ve posted about attending book clubs on Facebook, but it occurred to me that I should take a moment and post here, too! And this past week I was lucky enough to attend a book club as “The Author.” (Put that way it sounds a bit pretentious, doesn’t it?)

Book clubs really are the best of inventions. How fun is it to sit around and talk about books with other book lovers? Plus, there is the delicious food and drinks to add to the whole experience!

The book club I visited this week has been meeting for about thirteen years! Isn’t that impressive? And Bree, this month’s host, and I met through the Mom’s Club when I first moved to Birmingham.  It was a lot of fun and we talked about a wide variety of subjects, from high school football to politics to kitten antics to Trespassers, of course. We even touched on my new work-in-progress and they weighed in on my tentative title. (Sorry, I can’t reveal it here. It’s a book club secret!)

A few members of the Wilsonville, AL book club
A few members of the book club

Thanks for having me to your book club, Ladies!

One thought on “Book Club: Wilsonville, AL

  1. Hey Andrea! So glad you came to Wilsonville to speak. Not aware there is a book group here! Been here 44 years. Anxiously awaiting your next book! I’m glad to be on your email list

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