Guest Post: Poetry Tea-Time!

I’m guest-posting over on be, mama. be about a ritual we have in our house called Poetry Tea-Time.

For those of you who are intimidated by poetry and fearful I’m about to break out some Emily Dickinson on you, breathe easy. Although at one time I thought I’d pursue poetry, and not fiction, it became all too clear that I am far better at works with a higher page count!

No, my guest post is about a ritual I share with my children when our day is getting out of hand. And although we might read poems about love, a topic Emily Dickinson might have written about, fair maidens are nowhere to be found. Instead, the love poem we’d be likely to read might be about scaring the babysitter with a pet snake. Or perhaps an ode to Star Wars. The kind of love that appeals to my three sons.

Now doesn’t that sound like poetry which would appeal to the masses? Add tea and a sweet snack and who wouldn’t be eager to participate in poetry tea-time?

Head over to the LAST guest post of 2015 (at least on Cara’s blog) and show us some love. Be sure to leave a comment and share about rituals you have!

Thank you, Cara, for hosting me!

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