A Reading from Tree of Good & Evil…Virtually

Hello, Family, Friends, Fellow Book Lovers! Because of moving (and later Covid), I have yet to host a public reading of my novel Tree of Good & Evil. To remedy that, here is a 13 minute video of me reading part of a chapter. I look forward to returning to live readings in the future!

And if you have any questions about this book or my writing, post them on my FB page or send me an email and I’ll compile the questions and create another video.

Hope you enjoy!


Coming Soon!

I’m so excited to finally announce my next book will soon be released! Although I don’t have the exact date yet, I couldn’t wait any longer to share my cover…


In this poignant and evocative novel, author Andrea Miles has written a modern-day Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

Raven thought Roman was the ideal boyfriend. But when he convinced her to leave Atlanta and cross state lines, she became the first commodity in his new business venture of human trafficking.

Local Birmingham teenager Eden Grace thought Hector was looking for a nanny. Too naive to know the job is a ploy to lure girls into a house of sin, with an innocent knock on the door, she’s caught in the devil’s web.

The two girls couldn’t be more different, but when they find themselves handcuffed in Hector’s basement and forced to work for Roman as prostitutes, they discover they are sisters-in-misfortune and must trust each other if they are ever going to gain their freedom.

Set in Birmingham, Alabama, a city along with Nashville and Atlanta which make up the human trafficking triangle of the South, Tree of Good & Evil is an emotional story of innocence lost and courage found.



Guest Post: Poetry Tea-Time!

I’m guest-posting over on be, mama. be about a ritual we have in our house called Poetry Tea-Time.

For those of you who are intimidated by poetry and fearful I’m about to break out some Emily Dickinson on you, breathe easy. Although at one time I thought I’d pursue poetry, and not fiction, it became all too clear that I am far better at works with a higher page count!

No, my guest post is about a ritual I share with my children when our day is getting out of hand. And although we might read poems about love, a topic Emily Dickinson might have written about, fair maidens are nowhere to be found. Instead, the love poem we’d be likely to read might be about scaring the babysitter with a pet snake. Or perhaps an ode to Star Wars. The kind of love that appeals to my three sons.

Now doesn’t that sound like poetry which would appeal to the masses? Add tea and a sweet snack and who wouldn’t be eager to participate in poetry tea-time?

Head over to the LAST guest post of 2015 (at least on Cara’s blog) and show us some love. Be sure to leave a comment and share about rituals you have!

Thank you, Cara, for hosting me!

Book Club: Wilsonville, AL

In the past I’ve posted about attending book clubs on Facebook, but it occurred to me that I should take a moment and post here, too! And this past week I was lucky enough to attend a book club as “The Author.” (Put that way it sounds a bit pretentious, doesn’t it?)

Book clubs really are the best of inventions. How fun is it to sit around and talk about books with other book lovers? Plus, there is the delicious food and drinks to add to the whole experience!

The book club I visited this week has been meeting for about thirteen years! Isn’t that impressive? And Bree, this month’s host, and I met through the Mom’s Club when I first moved to Birmingham.  It was a lot of fun and we talked about a wide variety of subjects, from high school football to politics to kitten antics to Trespassers, of course. We even touched on my new work-in-progress and they weighed in on my tentative title. (Sorry, I can’t reveal it here. It’s a book club secret!)

A few members of the Wilsonville, AL book club

A few members of the book club

Thanks for having me to your book club, Ladies!

Celebrating an Accomplishment!


Can you guess what this is, dear friends?

That’s right! It’s the finished draft of the novel I’ve been working on! Longer than my first novel Trespassers, it is over 400 pages and about 90,000 words. There was about a month when I was certain it was the very worst book ever written, but then I got over the hump and things started falling into place. (However, I’m not willing to share specific details about the book yet; what if it really is the worst book ever?!)

Typing finished is a great feeling, but with finished comes draft, which means the book isn’t done, just ready for revision. The pages are printed and now I’ll write all over it, crossing out entire pages, adding scenes, removing repetitive words…And once I’ve typed in all my changes, I’ll print it out again, go back through it for another revision and start thinking about the people I’ll ask to read it (scary thought!) for feedback. Will you be one of the lucky readers?

But until then I’ll just celebrate this accomplishment!

The Launch Party of Trespassers – 11.1.14

About the time I first learned to read is about the time I knew I wanted to be a writer. But if I’d known at the age of five that to be a writer I can’t just write books, but I must also promote myself and speak in public, I might have looked a little further into alternate potential career choices.


The sign!

So it was with much trepidation that I approached my launch party for Trespassers. It didn’t matter that the majority of people there would be people who love me and wish me to be successful. I was still nervous. And then I discovered Barnes & Noble had not yet received my books. Funnily enough, that little bit of news was much less stressful than one would expect because my publisher had drilled into our heads that we must always have books on hand. Of course in the scenario she painted, the bookstores sold out of books, not that they had zero books to sell! Nevertheless, I had a box of books sitting in my closet just waiting to save the day.

Amanda and Robyn, the folks at Barnes & Noble, felt pretty awful for not having the books. But they were extremely kind and encouraging, assuring me I would be great. Amanda even told me that she’d read my book the day before and liked it! Now, if she was lying, I don’t want to know about it. It was exactly the kind of encouragement I needed. They also had placed a paper rose on every seat and filled a mug full of them for display on the signing table. In my book there are paper roses that are pretty important to the main character so I was really touched that they did that for me. Of course they didn’t know how to actually make paper roses so they put out a call over the loudspeaker asking if anyone in the store knew how to make them. One gentleman came up and offered his help. He ended up making a bunch of them and got a B&N gift card for his efforts!


The signing table with books displayed and a mug full of paper roses!

There was a good crowd that turned out: my dad, who was in town visiting; my husband and kids of course; my dearest friends who have supported and encouraged me through this process; many of my friends from the book club I participate in; and quite a few of my husband’s employees, too! (You may think they were trying to earn brownie points from their boss; I appreciated their kindness and was so touched that they came.)

My captive audience!

My captive audience!


My dad, me, my husband, my three sons. The mustache on my 7 yr old was in anticipation of the toast he intended to make.

Members of the Mt. Laurel book club

Members of the Mt. Laurel book club

But the rest of the details are completely fuzzy. My friend Julie introduced me (she was also my photographer for the day) and I remember being so touched with what she said, but I couldn’t have repeated it. I talked, but I have no idea what I talked about. Was I loud enough? I don’t know. Did my answers to the Q&A make any sense? I couldn’t tell you. Mary helped me at the signing table, which was a good thing because who knows what I would’ve signed without her post-its. I don’t remember what I signed. I hope I spelled everything right.


Here is Julie introducing me.


Here I am with Mary who is helping to ensure I get everyone’s names right!


Reading from TRESPASSERS


Wouldn’t you like to know what was said here? I sure do! 🙂

All in all I think it went well. I have asked my friends, my husband and they all said I did great. And I must rely on their word because I really have no idea.

Here are my two favorite pictures from the day:

He found a dollar bill on one of the bookshelves!

My 4 yr old found a dollar bill on one of the bookshelves!


I love this picture. I don’t look nervous at all, but as if I’ve autographed books for years.

Guest Post: The Little Things

Brenda, a friend from my time spent in Seattle cyber-introduced me to Cara Meredith and I’ve loved getting to know Cara through her blog. And today I have a guest post over on Cara’s blog celebrating the little things. In “She Called Out to Me” I write about a woman I met while I was in college in Chicago.  Here’s a snippet:

She Called Out To Me

“Dearie, are you going across the street? Dearie, do you think you could help me cross the street?”

I turned to the woman who’d called out for help. She wore a red striped scarf wrapped around her head, only a thatch of white hair at her forehead visible. The collar of her black fur coat, knee-length and quite shaggy, was buttoned and hid her neck from the blustery Chicago wind. She was standing on the corner, holding onto the blue mailbox with one hand and clutching a cane with the other. I had intended to hurry past her as I mentally reviewed my recent ups and downs as a college student. “Of course,” I said, stepping over to her and putting my arms through hers, preparing us to walk down the aisle painted like a crosswalk.

To read more, visit me over on Cara’s blog and while you’re there you should check out some of her other posts!

Thanks for having me, Cara!


First Review on NetGalley!

My publisher forwarded my first review posted on NetGalley today and it is a good one! (To put it simply, NetGalley is a site publishers use to give booksellers, librarians, reviewers digital access to books.)

I know not everyone will like Trespassers – I’m trying to remind myself of that all the time – because no book can be liked by all people. Everyone has different tastes so it is inevitable that I’ll get some bad reviews.

But today it is good! I just wished the reviewer worked for Oprah. 🙂

I don’t even know if I’m allowed to share the review since it won’t be posted until closer to pub day (October 27th!), but a few quotes couldn’t hurt, right?

“…This book broke my heart…the writing is so real and deep…I have been waiting for a character like this since I read all of Gillian Flynn’s books…it was a perfect ending…This is a masterpiece that shows a new side of troubled that we haven’t seen in a while.”

If you aren’t familiar with Gillian Flynn, she wrote Gone Girl, which was a bestseller and is being made into a movie. I’ve only read that one of hers, but it was good!

This was exactly what I needed to hear. Some of the things the reviewer mentioned as positives (like the ending) were the very things I’d been second-guessing lately. I’m going to take this as a sign to let it go. The book is written; it’s too late to change it anyway. It is what it is. I could kiss that reviewer because now I can breathe.

The Size of the Effort

IMG_6807Last month I opened a box that had just been delivered expecting a gift for my youngest who turned four. Instead, I was quite surprised to see it was a box of books. MY books, or more specifically, my Advanced Reading Copies (ARCs) which I, or a publicist, send out to reviewers.

I wish I could say I became teary-eyed at the sight of them. Or that I jumped up and down and screamed. But I didn’t.

It wasn’t that I wasn’t excited or happy because I was. This should have happened years ago and I’m disappointed in myself that I took this long to make it happen.

But when I held it in my hand, I was surprised to see it wasn’t very big. It is a normal size book, of course, but it is so much slimmer than I’d anticipated. Two hundred and fifty-two pages don’t exactly make a phone book, but still I thought it’d be heftier.

Turns out the size of the effort is not always represented by the width of the spine.