A Reading from Tree of Good & Evil…Virtually

Hello, Family, Friends, Fellow Book Lovers! Because of moving (and later Covid), I have yet to host a public reading of my novel Tree of Good & Evil. To remedy that, here is a 13 minute video of me reading part of a chapter. I look forward to returning to live readings in the future!Continue reading “A Reading from Tree of Good & Evil…Virtually”

Coming Soon!

I’m so excited to finally announce my next book will soon be released! Although I don’t have the exact date yet, I couldn’t wait any longer to share my cover… In this poignant and evocative novel, author Andrea Miles has written a modern-day Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Raven thought Roman was the ideal boyfriend. But whenContinue reading “Coming Soon!”

Guest Post: Poetry Tea-Time!

I’m guest-posting over on be, mama. be about a ritual we have in our house called Poetry Tea-Time. For those of you who are intimidated by poetry and fearful I’m about to break out some Emily Dickinson on you, breathe easy. Although at one time I thought I’d pursue poetry, and not fiction, it becameContinue reading “Guest Post: Poetry Tea-Time!”

Book Club: Wilsonville, AL

In the past I’ve posted about attending book clubs on Facebook, but it occurred to me that I should take a moment and post here, too! And this past week I was lucky enough to attend a book club as “The Author.” (Put that way it sounds a bit pretentious, doesn’t it?) Book clubs reallyContinue reading “Book Club: Wilsonville, AL”

Celebrating an Accomplishment!

Can you guess what this is, dear friends? That’s right! It’s the finished draft of the novel I’ve been working on! Longer than my first novel┬áTrespassers, it is over 400 pages and about 90,000 words. There was about a month when I was certain it was the very worst book ever written, but then IContinue reading “Celebrating an Accomplishment!”

The Launch Party of Trespassers – 11.1.14

About the time I first learned to read is about the time I knew I wanted to be a writer. But if I’d known at the age of five that to be a writer I can’t just write books, but I must also promote myself and speak in public, I might have looked a littleContinue reading “The Launch Party of Trespassers – 11.1.14”

Guest Post: The Little Things

Brenda, a friend from my time spent in Seattle cyber-introduced me to Cara Meredith and I’ve loved getting to know Cara through her blog. And today I have a guest post over on Cara’s┬áblog celebrating the little things. In “She Called Out to Me” I write about a woman I met while I was inContinue reading “Guest Post: The Little Things”

First Review on NetGalley!

My publisher forwarded my first review posted on NetGalley today and it is a good one! (To put it simply, NetGalley is a site publishers use to give booksellers, librarians, reviewers digital access to books.) I know not everyone will like Trespassers – I’m trying to remind myself of that all the time – becauseContinue reading “First Review on NetGalley!”

The Size of the Effort

Last month I opened a box that had just been delivered expecting a gift for my youngest who turned four. Instead, I was quite surprised to see it was a box of books. MY books, or more specifically, my Advanced Reading Copies (ARCs) which I, or a publicist, send out to reviewers. I wish IContinue reading “The Size of the Effort”