Celebrating an Accomplishment!


Can you guess what this is, dear friends?

That’s right! It’s the finished draft of the novel I’ve been working on! Longer than my first novel Trespassers, it is over 400 pages and about 90,000 words. There was about a month when I was certain it was the very worst book ever written, but then I got over the hump and things started falling into place. (However, I’m not willing to share specific details about the book yet; what if it really is the worst book ever?!)

Typing finished is a great feeling, but with finished comes draft, which means the book isn’t done, just ready for revision. The pages are printed and now I’ll write all over it, crossing out entire pages, adding scenes, removing repetitive words…And once I’ve typed in all my changes, I’ll print it out again, go back through it for another revision and start thinking about the people I’ll ask to read it (scary thought!) for feedback. Will you be one of the lucky readers?

But until then I’ll just celebrate this accomplishment!