Down With E-Readers…?

Have you read Gary Shteyngart’s novel Super Sad True Love Story? It is a good book, certainly very smart, but I was mad reading it. Really. So mad, in fact, I contemplated not finishing it. But because I have a thing where I like to finish a book no matter what and yes, I know life’s too short and I’m too busy to spend time reading a book I dislike, but the writer did put their heart into it so I like to support them albeit anonymously in reading it cover to cover…There should be a support group for people like me, but I am getting better at putting a book aside if I hate it.

Anyway, I was mad while reading Shteyngart’s novel. And all because in the book people don’t read actual books anymore. They think books smell and only use technology to skim or speed-read through summaries of books. The main character has books, but he’s a bit embarrassed by them because it marks him as being weird, old, uncool.

But as I’ve thought about writing this post, and about how I would raise my fist and declare, “An E-Reader is Not for Me!” I’ve felt hesitation enter my heart. Are e-readers really so bad? Could I be wrong in my loyalty to the printed and bound books?

I love books, which I discuss in great detail here. So I’m just speechless that I’m not as anti-e-reader as I thought. I suppose it could be great carrying several books with you via an e-reader instead of the actual books. My bag is already pretty heavy as it is with diapers and wipes, sippy cups and snacks, Hot Wheels and crayons… and then there’s my stuff! And it would be nice to highlight favorite passages without marking the physical books up, since I’m such a nut about keeping my books in pristine shape. (I’m just assuming you can highlight with e-readers; I’ve never looked closely at one to see what it actually offers.)

I’m not prepared to make the switch right now, but I can no longer say I’ll never have an e-reader. Instead, maybe one day I’ll succumb to technology. Maybe.

What about you? Anyone else taking a stand against e-readers? Anyone recently succumb to the temptation and find themselves the proud owner of an e-reader? Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts!