A Reading from Tree of Good & Evil…Virtually

Hello, Family, Friends, Fellow Book Lovers! Because of moving (and later Covid), I have yet to host a public reading of my novel Tree of Good & Evil. To remedy that, here is a 13 minute video of me reading part of a chapter. I look forward to returning to live readings in the future!

And if you have any questions about this book or my writing, post them on my FB page or send me an email and I’ll compile the questions and create another video.

Hope you enjoy!


Coming Soon!

I’m so excited to finally announce my next book will soon be released! Although I don’t have the exact date yet, I couldn’t wait any longer to share my cover…


In this poignant and evocative novel, author Andrea Miles has written a modern-day Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

Raven thought Roman was the ideal boyfriend. But when he convinced her to leave Atlanta and cross state lines, she became the first commodity in his new business venture of human trafficking.

Local Birmingham teenager Eden Grace thought Hector was looking for a nanny. Too naive to know the job is a ploy to lure girls into a house of sin, with an innocent knock on the door, she’s caught in the devil’s web.

The two girls couldn’t be more different, but when they find themselves handcuffed in Hector’s basement and forced to work for Roman as prostitutes, they discover they are sisters-in-misfortune and must trust each other if they are ever going to gain their freedom.

Set in Birmingham, Alabama, a city along with Nashville and Atlanta which make up the human trafficking triangle of the South, Tree of Good & Evil is an emotional story of innocence lost and courage found.