“It wasn’t the first time…”

Complete the following story in 33 words:

‘It wasn’t the first time.’

(The five words are not to be included in your 33 words)

It wasn’t the first time she’d fired a gun, but she’d never killed anyone before. She clenched her hands to stop the shaking. She wasn’t sorry. Young girls weren’t meant for buying and selling. She wasn’t anyone’s property.

You can find more information about this Trifecta writing challenge here.


6 thoughts on ““It wasn’t the first time…”

  1. Thanks for linking up this weekend. I love the way this piece inspires a sense of justice and mob mentality in your readers. Myself included. Nice job with the prompt. Hope to see you back again soon.

  2. Strong image. I can see it im my mind, but I wondered if holding a gun with a shaking hand one wouldn’t reach up with the other hand to brace and steady one’s aim. She’d want to be sure. She wouldn’t want to miss.

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