What I Tell You Three Times Is True

I slip into the stairwell of the derelict hotel and begin to climb the five flights of stairs. My footsteps are steady, but my mind weaves erratically. I don’t want to think, but my mind won’t behave. At the first landing, I pause and breathe. I do not want to stop again. When I reachContinue reading “What I Tell You Three Times Is True”

“It wasn’t the first time…”

Complete the following story in 33 words: ‘It wasn’t the first time.’ (The five words are not to be included in your 33 words) It wasn’t the first time she’d fired a gun, but she’d never killed anyone before. She clenched her hands to stop the shaking. She wasn’t sorry. Young girls weren’t meant for buying andContinue reading ““It wasn’t the first time…””