Bombshell by M-A-C

It was her one night out a month, a time to be with girlfriends, to leave husband and child to gorge themselves on frozen pizza and chocolate milk while she sipped French wine and talked shoes and upcoming vacations. Walking into the restaurant, heads turned and she couldn’t resist putting a bit of swagger into her normally reserved walk. Yes, she looked good, pretty even. She was wearing high heels, her favorite blouse, the one she never wore because of the “Dry Clean Only” on the tag. And no one had to know her lipstick was older than her preschooler.

This post is for Velvet Verbosity‘s 100 Word Challenge. The goal: to write exactly 100 words using the word of the week: swagger. I should also thank my friend Beth for inspiring me.


3 thoughts on “Bombshell by M-A-C

  1. Maybe you should think more along the lines of your beauty was such that you didn’t need to apply any makeup for those 2 months! 🙂

  2. I can totally relate. I actually left my makeup in my gym bag for 2 months and didn’t even notice. I had no need for it! Then I realized how sad it was that I hadn’t even thought to put it on in 2 months!

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