The Power of a First Word

She sat in the dark, rocking the fussy child. She was so tired she didn’t remember climbing the stairs to answer the crying toddler’s wordless call for comfort. It had been a hard pregnancy, a hard birth, a hard year of transitioning from three children to four. And this child was proving to be hard in every stage.

The toddler placed her small hand on her mother’s cheek. “Mama.” And then she snuggled into her mother’s embrace and slept.

The simple word had been a breath, a murmur that had escaped much like a sigh, but it reverberated in her heart.

This post is in response to Velvet Verbosity‘s 100 word challenge using the word Murmur.


5 thoughts on “The Power of a First Word

  1. You had me holding my breath as I travelled backwards in time. I have teenagers now, but they still manage to make me feel this way. The blessing and sometimes curse of motherhood. I only say curse because the feelings never go away. It’s a tough gig.

  2. I think they must know they have to give us those tender moments to make up for all the difficult days! Thanks for commenting, jesterqueen!

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