June Camp NaNoWriMo Stats

Well, the June camp of NaNoWriMo is officially over and I failed to reach my goal. Yes, we had family visit and we took a mini-vacation and I have three kids and my husband did not travel like he normally does, but those are just excuses because in the end I still failed. I started out strong and I got close to reaching 50,000 words. (I must’ve been in Never Never Land when I suggested trying for 75,000 words!)

I wrote a total of 43,623 words, falling short by 6,377. It is an accomplishment, of course, to go from zero words in May to over 40,000 by the end of June so I am happy with that. As far as what I wrote, well, I think I learned my lesson for having no plan. But within all of those words, two NEW novels broke out, not that I need any new projects to work on!


3 thoughts on “June Camp NaNoWriMo Stats

  1. Ok… so you didn’t make 50,000 but you DID make 43,623 words which is an accomplishment; after all, how many words did you do last time? AND… I for one, can’t wait to read the novels!

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