More Devil Than Destiny

It isn’t every day you trip and fall into the arms of your destiny. At least that’s how I described Parker to my friends. I was running late, of course, because I’m never on time, and was hurrying down the stairs of my apartment building (damn unreliable elevator) in 3-inch heels no less when IContinue reading “More Devil Than Destiny”


Letter from the Inside

Hey, Big Brother, It has been awhile since I’ve written I know. I’ve been busy I guess. You’ll be happy to hear I’m making great progress here though. My therapist (we call him Dr. Q, isn’t that cool?) said I was doing good. But I’ve been thinking about you, you and mom. How is she,Continue reading “Letter from the Inside”

Life with Three Boys: A Limerick

I am a mother to three wild boys who wrestle, climb and fight over toys. From morning to night with no rest in sight Coffee fuels my life with three young boys. For the Scriptic prompt exchange this week, Diane gave me this prompt: Write a limerick about your day. I gave Grace O’Malley thisContinue reading “Life with Three Boys: A Limerick”

Tomorrow is Another Day

“It’s getting cold out,” she said, pulling her robe tighter around her body and wishing she knew what he was thinking about. He’d barely talked during dinner and afterwards, he had disappeared outside before she’d even cleared the table. He remained silent, a solid mass in a worn flannel shirt and grease-stained jeans, hunched inContinue reading “Tomorrow is Another Day”

Lift the Flap

My mother sits at the kitchen table, her purple bathrobe loose around her thin body. She covers her face with her hands. I drop to my knees beside her chair and look up at her. I am like a baby bird, waiting to be fed my mother’s wisdom and understanding and love. She drops herContinue reading “Lift the Flap”

June Camp NaNoWriMo Stats

Well, the June camp of NaNoWriMo is officially over and I failed to reach my goal. Yes, we had family visit and we took a mini-vacation and I have three kids and my husband did not travel like he normally does, but those are just excuses because in the end I still failed. I startedContinue reading “June Camp NaNoWriMo Stats”

The Power of a First Word

She sat in the dark, rocking the fussy child. She was so tired she didn’t remember climbing the stairs to answer the crying toddler’s wordless call for comfort. It had been a hard pregnancy, a hard birth, a hard year of transitioning from three children to four. And this child was proving to be hardContinue reading “The Power of a First Word”